Free Online Poker Guide to How to Play a Big Hand Preflop


What do you do with a big hand preflop when you have a big stack, like K-K? And how might the other players react? Regardless of if you simply play free poker online for pennies or are at the final table in WSOP this is a core situation that you must know how to exploit to the full.

For our example we will look at an example from a World Series of Poker game:

BLINDS 40,000/80,000

A has As-10c moves all-in (Pot 1.296m)
B has K-K reraises to 5m (Pot 6.296m)

B has two options here. He can just call and then wait for someone to move all-in after him, but that would make him do some thinking…

Could it be A-A? Or Q-Q? If it was Q-Q there is a slight chance he might fold K-K, and regret it. But a big reraise can drive Q-Q or lower out, like what happened to another player:

C has Jd-Jc

(C’s comments on B’s hand were: “Why did you make it so much?… You like your hand that much?”)

If C calls, it’s for all of his chips 918kiss.

C may think that B has A-K, but there are two all-ins in front of him, and one of them might be A-X (and with A-X he is still not safe) or a pair, but a suspiciously heavy raise to about 60 times the big blind is almost always a signal for A-A or K-K. So C could wait for a better opportunity than now.

C folds (Pot 2.39m)

C’s fold was brilliant, after the reraise, but it will still be brilliant even if B did not reraise. B might bet again on the Flop and C may not continue and just let go of the chips.

B’s reraise will work if he has A-A or K-K, but I doubt it if he will do the same with A-K or Q-Q, but it may have the same effect of making C fold. As for A, let us wish for his good health. B won the hand later.

In summary

It takes time to learn how to play poker online even free online poker or offline at a level above the unthinking, uneducated “chip flinging” seen at many tables. Learning to play different hand scenarios is just one of the facets of the game you need to master and ones such as big hands preflop are crucial. Hopefully this has helped you, and remember, when you learn this you will automatically become a cut above average as most players don’t bother!

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